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OUT NOW: https://t.co/0ZJ3fS3HdH @goodboimusic arrives with his defining EP featuring fellow artists Arjun Muralid… https://t.co/q6EfIE2TW7
RT @PabloDutta: My new track 'Coffee Run' is OUT NOW on @HighChaiRecs' new house album 'HAUS OF CHAI' 🏠☕👌 https://t.co/3Vw9ETrqXK
RT @goodziemusic: Give It To You out now on @HighChaiRecs as part of compilation HAUS of CHAI. Listen: https://t.co/ZlCQu9Ia77 Available o…
OUT NOW! For High Chai's 110th release we dive into the depths of all things House. Future, Electro & Progressive… https://t.co/LHg4Zn7gQ0
Hybrid HalfTime bizness is in full effect on @BastikLegion's latest grimy bin buster! https://t.co/Y5W8BBvv10
RT @goodziemusic: Tune in to BBC Introducing in the West from 8pm tonight and hear an exclusive play of a brand new unreleased Goodzie trac…
That's another #NUMBER #ONE for the High Chai fams! Big look to SAVTIK with Netta Barzilai, Nitzan Bloom & Saar Yaf… https://t.co/gmoZkM08I6
RT @Defunk_Official: See you tonight New York! https://t.co/QV8lo3bX0F
RT @elisebruchet: If you are addicted to feel new experience. I invite you to try out @SUBPAC. Their wearable enables you to feel the music…
Straight to the Glitch Hop TOP FIVE Albums is SAVTIK with Netta Barzilai & Nitzan Bloom on vox duty and licks by Sa… https://t.co/53NitskOLT
RT @BeatTracker: @highchairecs is CHARTED 3x @ Beatport. BIGUP to Savtik, Netta Barzilai README https://t.co/bbvnUgA3tM https://t.co/jF9Xgq…
Making his HCR debut, @goodboimusic delivers 3 slices of booming ragga bass laced with Neuro slants and Trap flouri… https://t.co/j4CGEWsp4d
RT @jesse2k11: A new favorite: Bastik Legion - Strong Vibe Riddim -❤ FREE DOWNLOAD ❤- by @highchairecs https://t.co/bDgwrwOvnp on #SoundCl
OUT NOW: https://t.co/FLUBNLdUFA High energy meets deep kicks and festival vibes in @PabloDutta's HCR debut! #BustitLow #Splurge
People Listen. Get up and Move! #ragga #bass #hybrid #galactic FREE DL: @BastikLegion https://t.co/OaiATyCYbx
Booming bass, cinematic riffs and dense hats define this large new burner from @SiddArtaMusic https://t.co/mJNm97H6pg
RT @hellfeederband: A new favorite: Bastik Legion - Eyes Wide by @highchairecs https://t.co/YvTfYCy2AY on #SoundCloud