With several hard-hitting releases already under his belt with labels like Six Degrees, RubADuck & Monkey Dub, Sound Avtar’s cutting edge music production, creativity and innovation is ready to be showcased in his first full length EP with the High Chai fams. Crate these joints that span Dubstep to Moombahcore, mixing dj experience, diverse drum patterns and heavy bass drops into one monstrous package.

Right out of the gate Top Gun take the piss with retro guitar licks that would make any oily, muscled “Iceman” proud. The highway to the dangerzone is paved with bass.¬†Bass Pistol aims to please the more dubbed out crew on the floor with rasta vox and big room bass drops. Sound Avtar has packed some heat here.¬†Finally Lazer Face boasts a switch up worthy of a rewind. Low tempo breaks give way to high energy Electro Moombahcore.

This is next-level business.