The B.R.E.E.D single Sound Killer on High Chai Recordings will hit Beatport EXCLUSIVELY on July 26th, 2010, don’t miss it! It is sure to send shock waves across international borders! In the months ahead the sound-nuggets from the DJ NASHA / B.R.E.E.D lab will be hitting you with great velocity with tracks lined up like domino pieces. This first new release will lead to the next slamming joint and so on – be sure to stay in line!

While keeping it fresh at every gathering, mangling frequencies, tearing bass lines, cutting up samples and dropping his gustatory production, B.R.E.E.D is slamming out sounds of potent identity. Happily, ceremonial dance freaks, breedlings and BASS heads have found an auditory counterpart. Long before any DJ from India went international, Ritesh D’Souza (aka B.R.E.E.D and DJ Nasha), decided to pitch his tent in the creative communities of underground dance movements.

B.R.E.E.D, who is otherwise known as the dynamic DJ Nasha, (two-time DMC Champion, India), uses the art of turntablism, controllers, FX processors, samplers, and alternative production concepts to align dance floors. Experimentation and an open mind have carried this artist beyond borders collaborating with various collectives in New York City, San Francisco and London, as well as performing at several internationally-acclaimed music festivals like Burning Man, Sunburn (Asia) and Global Groove.

B.R.E.E.D’s remix of Jalebee Cartel’s “Mirrors” (High Chai Recordings), raced to number 10 on Beatport’s Top 100 Dubstep charts in January 2010. A new EP on High Chai Recordings will feature an original B.R.E.E.D burner “Sound Killer” and a remix of Juakali’s “Come from Yard” (original version appearing on Kush Arora’s Dreadbass Chronicles – Kush Arora Productions).