Tracks are awesome Mate! Been going down a treat. Sick shizzle.



FreQ Nasty

Insanely awesome release. So big!

Reid Speed



Gonna play 'Scheme of Strings.'


Killer new songs from B.R.E.E.D!

David Starfire

Four absolute bangers.


Really cool EP...made me snack my neck hard!!! Fun is right, and Proper!!!! Can't wait to unleash this.

Ben and Lex

Outstanding. Loving the energy.

Anne Savage

Following B.R.E.E.D’s remix of Jalebee Cartel’s “Mirrors” race to number 10 on Beatport’s Top 100 Dubstep charts in January 2010, B.R.E.E.D returns with his 4 track EP on High Chai Recordings. Mashing up dubstep influences at varying tempos with old skool rave references and plenty of dance floor fun, B.R.E.E.D’s new EP INCU-BASS is sure to get people jumping. Choose between the face-pounding drumstep of “Guttersnipe,” the off kilter alien-step of “Low Rider,” the epically orchestral “Scheme Of Strings” or the crunching dubstep of “The Wicked Story.”