High Chai Recognised in HomeGown’s Evolving Bass Culture in India

High Chai’s dimmSummer & DK (aka Filmi) interviewed for HomeGrown’s massive 2-part expose on the evolving music scene in India…

“Bass music and nostalgia might seem like they make for unlikely bedfellows, but taking a look over the last two decades – you can’t help but take a moment to admire the aural revolution that is India’s bass culture since its genesis. Headlines like these tend to instil a sense of disdainfulness in those who’ve existed at the periphery of what could be construed as niche movements, so we decided to skip the loudspeaker on this one. No rants, no mission statements, and no claims of being able to predict the future over here. 2014 has been, and is still shaping up to be, an incredibly loaded year for bass music in India, and a sign that things have really and truly reached a tipping point. It’s always been interesting to us that a genre that seemingly prefers to exist in the shadows all over the world, should choose to find the light in the Indian subcontinent, so this chronicling is a tribute to the music that’s clearly got a very special role to play in our overall musical journey…”

Part One Part Two