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A regular on BBC Radio,┬áNuphlo’s style is a delicate balance of eastern melodies, innovative beats and mammoth low-end. This tightrope approach to production has lead to a string of Vinyl, CD and MP3 releases on record labels both sides of of the cultural spectrum. In short, Nuphlo’s music represents multicultural cohesion.

Nuphlo has previously remixed for artists such as Foreign Beggars, Landslide, State of Bengal, Jazzsteppa and Boosey & Hawkes.

Appears on:

dimmSummer presents: Sub Continental Bass vol 2

Oct 29, 2015

dimmSummer presents: Sub Continental Bass

May 5, 2011

Nu asian soundZ

Jan 1, 2010

REVOLUTION RISING: ethnotechno.com vol.1 presented by dimmSummer

Jun 22, 2009